Humidity survey

Humidity survey determines the condition of the bathrooms in the apartment.

Humidity survey is intended, for example, in the housing trade to determine the humidity situation of a space or structure.

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The Humidity Survey of the apartment brings certainty to the housing trade and clarity to the need for renovation.

In connection with the sale of an apartment building, it is recommended to carry out a humidity survey of the bathroom. Repairing damage or deficiencies detected early can bring significant savings to the current and future occupant of the home.

  • Humidity survey is intended to determine the humidity situation of an individual room or structure – the survey is performed in one visit.
  • The humidity situation of the room or structure, possible risks of moisture damage, and possible repair or additional research needs are examined during the survey.
  • A written report on the service is provided to the customer, indicating the significance of the detected deficiencies and recommendations for action.
  • Accelerate housing sales and reduce the risk of post-sale disputes.

Moisture survey is suitable for the sale of an apartment in an apartment building

It is recommended to do a moisture survey of the wet rooms of an apartment in the latest when selling the apartment or when you suspect damage in the wet rooms. The survey of wet rooms reveals the moisture situation of the structure or space to be examined, possible risks of moisture damage and the necessary repair or additional research needs. With the survey, you accelerate the housing sale: with the help of the report obtained from the humidity survey, you inform the buyer candidate about the condition of the surveyed premises and reduce the risk of a possible post-sale dispute.

How is the humidity survey done?

  • A written agreement of the survey is always done, with the content of it specified. Any exclusions and spaces being surveyed will be defined in the contract.
  • Humidity survey examines the humidity situation of an individual space or structure.
  • The survey takes about ½ -2 hours per structure / space depending on the site.
  • Surfaces that are normally exposed to moisture are detected by a moisture sensor with a dense sample, in which case the distance between the measuring points is 0.2 – 0.5 mm.
  • For other surfaces, moisture mapping is performed with a moisture sensor only if visual inspection reveals factors suggestive of moisture.
  • With the customer’s permission, a moisture measurement hole or a box drill hole can be drilled into the structure, through which the condition of the structure is determined visually and with moisture measurements. The diameter of the humidity measuring hole is about 6 mm and the box drill hole 115 mm.
  • The standard content of the humidity survey includes a maximum of two holes, as well as 1 hole / extra priced space.

How are different spaces and structures observed?

  • In the kitchen, the floors in front of the refrigeration machines and the wall surfaces near the water points are observed, as well as the sink cabinet with a humidity sensor with a dense sampling (distance between measuring points 0.2 – 0.5 m). In addition, water and sewage equipment are inspected visually.
  • In the context of the humidity survey, the inspector also assesses whether there is a risk of defects and deficiencies other than superficially observed at the site. If the suspicion of risk is justified and the suspicious structure cannot be inspected by non-destructive methods, the inspector recommends further investigation. A separate contract is always drawn up for additional research.
  • Heat, water, ventilation and electrical engineering are assessed by a civil engineering expert only if they are essential for the survey, even then the assessment is only superficial and sensory.

What measurements are not included in the humidity survey?

  • Inspection of refrigerators is not included in the service.
  • Moisture measurement of a brick, concrete, block, etc. aggregate structure from a hole drilled in the structure is not included in the content of the moisture survey. This moisture measurement can be carried out as a separate additional work. If the moisture measurement in question is ordered, the customer will be provided with the instruction card RT 14-10984 for measuring the relative humidity of concrete.

What cannot be determined by humidity survey?

  • Moisture mapping does not make it possible to identify possible latent moisture damage inside structures if the structures have dried after damage.
  • Moisture measurements made inside the structure do not completely rule out the possibility of the existence of moisture, because the location of the measuring sensor in the structure and the implementation of the structure cannot always be known with certainty without opening the structure.
  • A surface inspection usually cannot assess the possible existence or condition of moisture or waterproofing in wet areas.
  • Humidity survey cannot be performed on the wall surfaces of tin-walled bathrooms with a humidity sensor.

How to prepare for a humidity survey?

  • Be available to the surveyor at the beginning of the inspection. The resident or owner will be interviewed at the beginning of the survey, if possible. The information asked for in the interview is e.g. the repair history of the premises to be surveyed, the habits of use of the wet premises and the last use, any deficiencies or damage observed or doubts as to their existence.
  • Ensure safe and unobstructed access to the premises to be inspected. The customer must arrange a permit and access to the site’s inspection in one visit. Obstacles to the routes leading to the areas to be inspected must be removed. For example, premises where the quantity of items stored prevents the inspection. If there are obstacles in the premises to be inspected or the premises cannot be accessed, the inspection will not be performed in these areas.
  • The customer is obliged to take care of the condition of the site so that the moisture surveyor can perform its tasks safely. If the site has such features, defects or deficiencies that may pose a danger to the moisture surveyor, the survey will not be performed in these areas.

What should be considered when using humidity in the premises before the inspection?

If possible, we ask the subscriber of the survey to follow the recommendations and instructions below.

  • In shower and sauna areas, surfaces must not be watered for 24 hours before inspection. The recommendation also applies to mud rooms and other potentially wet floor or wall surfaces. The use of toilet seats, washing machines and sinks is permitted.
  • The floor wells of the premises to be inspected are cleaned of any trash.
  • Remove the shower basin or bathtub front panel to inspect the surfaces below them.
  • The rooms to be inspected are not power ventilated before or during mapping. Normal ventilation is kept on.
  • The doors of the rooms to be inspected are kept closed before the mapping.
  • Move away furniture preventing inspection (large furniture and items, loose cabinets, etc.) from:
  • next to external walls,
  • next to ground walls and floor areas,
  • partitions against wet areas and floor areas
  • and on the wall and floor surfaces of wet rooms.

Required documents

The subscriber of the survey must make the necessary documents available to the inspector during the inspection.

The most important documents are, depending on the site and the space / structure to be inspected:

  • Structural drawings and construction work explanations.
  • Heat, water and sewer drawings.
  • Floor plans.
  • Information on any repairs carried out on the premises and any documents of them.
  • Reports of previous humidity or condition surveys on the premises or other similar surveys.

What does the humidity survey report include?

  • A written report will be prepared on the humidity survey, outlining the damage, risks, deficiencies and repair needs identified, as well as a proposal for action to identify or repair any deficiencies found.
  • Photographs of the subject will be attached to the report if they provide additional information about the findings.
  • The humidity survey report is not a repair description or repair plan and does not include a repair cost estimate.

Other things to consider

  • A superficial, sensory and mainly non-destructive inspection method does not provide complete assurance that the object is intact.
  • Latent damage inside structures cannot be detected unless there is a reference on the surface of the structures that can be seen on the surface of the structures or otherwise sensed at the time of inspection by a moisture sensor.
  • In case of doubt, additional investigations should always be performed.

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Our customer service is available at our nationwide customer service number on weekdays from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm.