Ensure good condition of your home or second residence with KotiApp.

KotiApp, the smart maintenance record for your home.

Ensure good condition of your home or second residence with KotiApp.

Start using KotiApp – it’s free!

Download the app to make your home healthier and more cost-efficient.

(The app is only available in Finnish right now.)

Take care of your home with the smart KotiApp, available free of charge

KotiApp will assist you in maintaining your home: the maintenance will be easy, controlled and regular. By continuously maintaining your home and repairing any defects without delay, you can save tens of thousands of euros and secure your family’s health.

  • The service can be used for any home or second residence.
  • With KotiApp, you can see an overview of the condition of your home with icons that are easy to understand.
  • You will not forget any important maintenance tasks, because KotiApp will remind you of all future tasks.
  • You can save all of the important information and documentation of your home, from the colour codes of the paints you have used all the way to official documents. 
  • You can get in touch with an expert whenever necessary. 
Ensure good condition of your home or second residence with KotiApp.

KotiApp reminds, advises and guides you

KotiApp’s versatile services allow you to live in a healthier home. KotiApp will customise maintenance actions for your home and offer you clear-cut instructions on how to perform the necessary actions. You can ask your OwnEngineer for more information on how to repair any damage by saving a photo of the damage to the Home folder in KotiApp.

Ensure good condition of your home or second residence with KotiApp.

How will you benefit from KotiApp?

KotiApp allows you to monitor and manage the maintenance and repair needs of your home.

  • The app lets you know well in advance when you should check something that will influence the condition of your home, proposes maintenance actions and offers you clear-cut instructions on how to perform all the necessary actions.
  • Appropriate, regular maintenance actions and inspections are always more affordable than damage repairs. If you repair the damage when it is still minor, the renovation needs will not grow into premature, expensive major renovations – and you will save tens of thousands of euros.

Which services does KotiApp offer?

Periodic inspections of your home

  • Periodic inspections ensure that all the necessary repairs in your home are performed at the correct time. The recommended inspection schedule is every four years.
  • During the periodic inspection, a structural engineering expert from Raksystems will inspect your home, specify its condition category and offer you advise on how to perform the necessary actions.
  • The service offers you information on the condition of your home, increases security and reduces the likelihood of humidity problems and water damage that could cause health problems.
  • Furthermore, the periodic inspections ensure that the money you use for the maintenance of your home is used for the right, most important actions. You will always be aware the current condition of the building. Properly anticipated and planned maintenance actions will save you money.


  • As a KotiApp customer, you will be able to reach your Raksystems OwnEngineer by phone whenever you want. You can call them if you’re concerned about any damage or the indoor air quality, want to save energy or want to enquire whether some maintenance actions or repairs are necessary. You can ask your OwnEngineer for help if you notice a crack in the plinth, for example. Your OwnEngineer will guide and serve you in all of your home’s maintenance and repair actions.
  • You can also ask your OwnEngineer to come and visit you at home. During the site visit, the OwnEngineer will solve any problems and offer you tips on how to maintain and repair your home.
  • The OwnEngineer can also perform structural surveys and investigate indoor air issues, study the underlying cause of any damage and provide action proposals to correct the problems.

Leak Guard

The Main IoT Leak Guard protects your property from moisture damage and associated costs.

  • The device requires no maintenance.
  • Installation is easy and takes just a few minutes.
  • It is the lowest cost remote control solution for detection of leaks in the market.
  • Of the main IoT leak guard set works with the world of mobile Sigfox IoT network that should not be connected to the Internet.

KotiApp price list

Periodic inspections of your home

€640/1 residential

Mileage based on the actual distance travelled (from our closest office to the site and back to our closest office) will also be charged, 0,91 €/km.

OwnEngineer telephone service

The telephone service costs €1.92/min + the local call charge.

Service is available on weekdays from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm.

OwnEngineer site visit

Hourly charge €125 + mileage, €0.99/km (minimum charge 3.5 hours, incl. travel).

OwnEngineer will make house visits during normal working hours, on weekdays between 8:00 am and 4:00 pm.

Service description, preparation instructions and other materials

The services are provided according to the service description. The service description, preparation instructions (if any) and any other necessary materials will be submitted to you when you have placed an order.

Travel expenses

In addition to the inspection and research fees, we will invoice mileage for travel from our office to the site and back according to the currently valid price list for the area (€0.91–0.99/km).

All of the prices include taxes. These prices are valid until 31 December 2020. We reserve the right to make changes. Please check the current price from our customer service.

What are the features of KotiApp?

Maintenance record is an important memo for any home. It includes your home’s basic data and more specific information on completed maintenance and repair actions, as well as recommendations on future actions.

  • KotiApp includes an electronic maintenance record that is customised for your home. Once you have entered the basic data of your home and the completed maintenance and repair actions, the app will assist you in properly maintaining your home. You can electronically maintain your home’s maintenance record by adding all completed actions in KotiApp.
  • The Land Use and Building Decree that entered into force in 2000 requires that there must be a maintenance record for all new buildings to be used as a permanent residence or place of work. A maintenance record is not mandatory for buildings built before the entry into force of the decree, but a maintenance record is part of good property maintenance.

Home folder is the place where you store the important information, photos and notes of your home.

  • KotiApp includes an electronic home folder where you can save all important information about your home, such as the contact details of your electrician and chimney sweeper so that you will quickly find their phone numbers the next year.
  • You can also save the drawings, permit documents and other documentation of your home in the home folder to free up space in your bookshelf.
  • You can add notes in the app on the codes of the paints you have used and the data of all the lamps in your home, for instance, so that you can access the information when at the store. You can also add photos of renovations for future use.

Other issues to be taken into account

As an OwnEngineer site visit is mostly a superficial and sensory survey, the fact that a survey has been performed does not eliminate the possibility that the inspected site may contain hidden defects which cannot be detected with the methods used during a superficial survey. Hidden damage inside structural elements cannot be detected unless there is some visible damage on the surface of the structural element or damage that can be detected with a measuring device.


Contact details

Do you have any questions regarding KotiApp? Please send us an email at tuki@kotiapp.fi.


Who is behind KotiApp?

Raksystems Insinööritoimisto Oy.


Why did you create KotiApp?

Raksystems has created an exceptionally easy way to care for your home. Raksystems, a company that has inspected more than 150,000 Finnish homes, offers its thousands of years of engineering experience and expertise to anyone through the new KotiApp mobile application. The goal is to make the maintenance of your home easy, smart and proactive.


What kind of a phone do I need to use KotiApp?

You can use KotiApp with an iPhone or an Android phone.


I have an idea to improve KotiApp.

Please submit your idea to idea@kotiapp.fi.


I have all the information on my home archived in a folder. Can I add the documents to KotiApp?

Yes, you can. You can enter or save existing information as photos or notes in the Home folder of your KotiApp.

You can also save in the Home folder photos of areas where you have noticed something suspicious or something that you should keep an eye on. This way, you can see how the situation evolves over time. It also ensures that these areas will not be overlooked in connection with your periodic home surveys. In addition, you can take a photo of the nameplate of your ventilation unit, for example, and save it in the Home folder so you can easily see what kind of a filter you need to buy. Then you only need to have your phone with you at the store.


How does KotiApp know what actions I must take in my home?

The information you enter in the application allows it to get to know your home.


How will I benefit from KotiApp?

KotiApp is a smart application that will get to know your home. It will remind you when you should perform a maintenance/repair action, providing you instructions on what to do. If you perform maintenance and repair actions on time, you can save tens of thousands of euros. A proper maintenance record is also a benefit if you want to sell your home.


What does KotiApp cost?

Downloading and using KotiApp does not cost anything.


Will the information about my home be safe in KotiApp?

The information in KotiApp is protected with appropriate information security protocols.

You can read more in our privacy statement.


Can my wife/husband use KotiApp as well?

We will soon add the opportunity to create several user IDs. However, you can already download the app in several devices and use it with the same user ID.


Can I schedule my own tasks?

Yes, you can schedule a task for a specific month or year. You can also schedule recurring tasks.


Can I add another building (summer home, etc.) in KotiApp?

Yes, you can. KotiApp can be used for any home or leisure home from apartments to detached houses and cabins.


Can I delete/cancel the app at any time?

The user or their legal representative can cancel the KotiApp service and close their KotiApp user account at any time by sending us an email to tuki@kotiapp.fi. For more information, please see the terms and conditions.

Download the app to make your home healthier and more cost-efficient.

(The app is only available in finnish right now.)