Facilitate the maintenance of your housing company

Kiinteistökartturi is a new tool for the preventive maintenance of housing companies.

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“With Kiinteistökartturi, I can maintain the long-term repair and maintenance plan proposal made based on the Condition Evaluation myself, which will prolong its lifecycle.”

Jukka Koivisto, founder of Aora Isännöinti Oy and property manager

Kiinteistökartturi is an online tool for preventive maintenance by the boards of directors and property managers of housing companies

Kiinteistökartturi allows you to manage the repair projects of your housing company. It facilitates the sharing of information and the maintenance and implementation of your long-term repair and maintenance plan proposal (PTS).

  • The online service is available at kiinteistö
  • The service is meant for small and large housing companies.
  • It will make it easier to plan and budget your maintenance actions and repair projects.
  • You can get your housing company maintenance requirement report for the Board to use directly from Kiinteistökartturi.
  • The service makes it easier to maintain and implement your PTS.

Your Raksystems Condition Evaluation data will be automatically added to Kiinteistökartturi

Kiinteistökartturi is an online tool for the preventive maintenance of housing companies. It is meant for the Board of Directors and property manager. The service is fully compatible with the Raksystems Condition Evaluation and condition surveys. Your property’s Condition Evaluation performed by Raksystems will be automatically made available in Kiinteistökartturi.

After the Condition Evaluation, the data of your property will be transferred to Kiinteistökartturi by one of our experts. You will receive instructions on how to start using the service in connection with your Condition Evaluation report.

As a Raksystems Condition Evaluation customer, you will be able to use Kiinteistökartturi for free for a period of 12 months. This offer is valid until further notice.

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Facilitate the maintenance of your housing company

With Kiinteistökartturi, the Board of Directors of a housing company can easily plan, share information and implement future renovations: the housing company’s data will remain available also if the key persons in the housing company change, and you can review the data at any time.

It is easy to plan, schedule and budget maintenance actions and repair projects, and all actions are presented in a manner that is easy to understand. You can also quickly place survey orders, book meetings and realise resident surveys through the service.

A clear timeline, comments and further information assist you in getting an overall idea of all the planned actions. You can tag a specific maintenance action as a system-specific action or a specific location as a building-, stairwell- or apartment-specific location.

You can get your housing company’s maintenance requirement report for the Board directly from Kiinteistökartturi.

Smooth budgeting and sharing of information

You can easily plan the housing company’s short- and long-term budget. The Board can monitor the impact of repair projects on the housing company’s budget and see how they will influence the maintenance charges.

All documents pertaining to the housing company’s surveys and repair projects are available in one place, so that you can easily share and archive the information, as well as send comments to the team during the planning and implementation of a repair project, and also after the project period.

Utilise our experts

With a Condition Evaluation prepared by Raksystems experts and the long-term repair and maintenance plan proposal (PTS) that is part of the evaluation, you can get an overall idea of the future repair needs of the property. The Condition Evaluation is also a great tool in the preparation of the maintenance requirement report that is required by law. Your Condition Evaluation will be conveniently added to Kiinteistökartturi.

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