Project management

Project manager helps you to succeed in your construction project

Even the most skilled and experienced property manager cannot do everything. A competent project manager assists you in ensuring that your project will be successfully completed.

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Project manager assist the housing company in making the right decisions

An objective project manager supports the decision-making by the Board of Directors and shareholders of the housing company, and assists them in selecting the correct contractors, while providing the property manager with more time to take care of their principal duties.

  • The project manager controls the project as a whole, keeps the project on schedule and uses their expertise to achieve financial savings for the housing company.
  • Project managers have expertise in construction, building quality, contract law and property lifecycle management.

Comprehensive project management for projects of different sizes

We provide project management services for new buildings and renovation projects:

  • Expansions
  • Pipeline and bathroom renovations
  • Indoor air repairs
  • Underdrainage system renovations
  • Energy renovations
  • Exterior face, window and balcony renovations

In addition to residential buildings, we have provided project management services for many commercial and office building projects.

What are the duties of a project manager?

The project manager’s duties a housing company’s construction and renovation projects:

  • Supervising the interests of the housing company
  • Acting as the housing company’s expert and advisor
  • Preparing project schedules and monitoring them
  • Arranging competitive biddings for design and the building contract, as well as other construction preparation duties
  • Construction control
  • Management of the commissioning and acceptance stages
  • Ensuring that warranty inspections are performed on time

Start the project together with a project manager

You should select the project manager before the project planning stage, as they will make competitive bidding for the project plan more fluent and can assist you in acquiring the necessary documents. In addition, you can task the project manager with the preparation and control of the project planning process to ensure that all the necessary property surveys and repair actions are performed.

Use supervision to make sure that the goals are reached

Supervision by a professional is an important part of risk management during construction. The duty of supervisors is to ensure compliance of the project with the agreement, without compromising the quality of the outcome. Timely action and expertise of the supervisor will minimise the project risks.

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OHS and humidity control coordinators to assist you

We can provide you with the necessary occupational health and safety (OHS) and humidity control coordinators based on your housing company’s needs.

By law, an independent outside expert must be appointed as the OHS coordinator of a construction or renovation project. The OHS coordinator ensures the occupational health and safety of the project from the beginning to the end.

The humidity control coordinator must also be fully independent of the designers and contractors. The humidity control coordinator supervises the implementation of humidity control throughout the housing company’s project. The work can be carried out according to a site-specific humidity control plan or the Kuivaketju10 construction process humidity control procedure.

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Our customer service is available at our nationwide customer service number on weekdays from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm.