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Not even the most skilled property manager can do everything. A project manager ensures that your project will be successfully completed.

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Project manager assist the housing company in making the right decisions

An independent construction or renovation project manager assists and supports the Board of Directors and the shareholders in their decision-making while providing the property manager with more time to take care of their principal duties. The project manager keeps the construction project on schedule, thus saving the funds of the housing company.

  • The project manager determinedly promotes the project.
  • With the help of the project manager, the housing company can make the best possible decisions and choose the right companies to implement the construction project.
  • Raksystems’ experts carry out comprehensive project management in construction and renovation projects.
A project manager ensures that your project will be successfully completed.

Correct decisions ensure optimal lifecycle costs of your construction project

The Raksystems project management service is ideal for residential, commercial and office construction, for both new buildings and renovation projects. We will realise the project management based on your needs. Our extensive service portfolio includes the correct services for design management, implementation, procurement, cost and schedule monitoring, occupational health and safety matters, reporting and the defects liability period. We will act as the statutory project supervisor and carry the responsibility for the site’s occupational health and safety.

“With Raksystems, everything has gone as planned. The project manager was both strict and flexible at the same time, which ensured that a project of this size was started on time.”

Lasse Lilja, a member of the Board of Directors of housing company As Oy Soukanpirtti

What kind of project management services do we offer?

Our service portfolio includes the following:

  • Design management
  • Implementation
  • Procurement
  • Cost and schedule monitoring
  • Occupational health and safety matters
  • Reporting
  • Defects liability period

Benefits of the project management service

Our project management service is an implementation method where we manage the construction project and carry the responsibility for construction site management in the manner agreed with the client. The construction work will be realised as procurement projects on the client’s behalf, and we will provide the client with reports on the progress of the project.

The project management service allows the client to verify decisions on design and implementation solutions during the implementation period. The project management service ensures that the project will be performed cost-efficiently, taking into account the client’s needs.

We will always agree on the implementation method and agreement model with the client. The client will make all the decisions regarding the project – we will take care of implementation.

Assistance from OHS and humidity management coordinators

By law, a party placing an order for a construction or renovation project must name an independent third party expert as the project’s occupational health and safety coordinator. The occupational health and safety coordinator is responsible for all of the project’s OHS matters and aims to make the construction site a safe workplace for everybody. They reserve the necessary funds and time for all the required studies and surveys.

In addition to an OHS coordinator, there must be a humidity management coordinator, a party fully independent of the engineers and contractors which ensures that the Kuivaketju10 humidity management principles are followed throughout the project period. Kuivaketju10 is an operating model which reduces the risk of humidity damage throughout the construction project and also during the building’s entire lifecycle.

We can provide your project’s OHS and humidity management coordinators based on your needs.

Use supervision to avoid construction project risks

Supervision by a professional is an important part of risk management during construction. The supervisor will address any errors and neglects so that the work quality remains excellent and there are no major errors that could give rise to significant costs years from now. It is not wise to hire several experts from different fields to supervise different parts of the project.

Read more about our supervision services.

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Our customer service is available at our nationwide customer service number on weekdays from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm.