Carbon footprint calculation
Carbon footprint calculation

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The carbon footprint calculation of the life cycle of a construction project has become more common in recent years

The popularity has been influenced by the growing interest among the industry. The Ministry of the Environment’s goal for the near future of taking the carbon footprint into account in the regulatory guidance of construction projects. Several leading players in the industry calculate and control their operations based on carbon footprint calculations.

Calculating the carbon footprint at the planning stage of a building provides a realistic picture of the environmental impact of construction and the potential impact on the entire life cycle carbon footprint. Reducing the carbon footprint of the construction phase is the fastest way to influence greenhouse gas emissions. During the construction phase, the savings impact is immediate, and the environmental impact of the construction phase is equivalent to several decades of in-service emissions.

Carbon footprint calculation

How do I benefit from a carbon footprint calculation for a property?

Our carbon footprint calculation provides detailed and concrete reporting aimed at usability and controllability in the project.

The benefits include interpretations of results obtained, comparisons of life-cycle emissions and analyses of building material levels. We present to you the result of the calculation by building area. It makes it easier to look at the most significant areas and helps to find points of action. Our reporting model allows for changes in the reporting style according to your wishes and needs.

Carbon footprint calculation.

What is the calculation of the carbon footprint based on?

The calculation of the carbon footprint is based on the use of a calculation tool developed especially for the calculation of construction projects. The calculation complies with European standards (primarily EN 15978 Assessment of environmental performance of buildings – Calculation method) and Finnish calculation guidelines.

As Finnish calculation procedures, we have followed FiGBC’s Building Life Cycle Meters (REM) guideline. Since 2019 supplemented the calculation model and reporting by taking into account the Ministry of the Environment’s Low Carbon Assessment Method (Ministry of the Environment publications 2019: 22). It is expected to be a regulatory control method in the 2020s. Reporting the results according to both calculation guidelines concretizes the differences in the calculation procedures.

The calculation is based on a comprehensive database of construction products. It consists of the best available information, corresponding well to the construction products used in Finland. The accounting data mainly consists of domestic environmental statements (EPD) and environmental statements for construction products, supplemented by data on European products.

The acquisition of the input data for our calculation procedure is flexible (most typically the IFC model, the building component estimate or the builder’s quantity calculation). This means that a reliable and comparable calculation result is obtained already at the draft design stage. We present the result of the calculation of the construction phase in terms of building area-specific results. This facilitates the examination of the most significant building components and promotes the finding of points of action.

In addition to the carbon footprint calculation of implementation solutions, we have participated in the preparation of quality criteria and quality assessment of numerous projects. By including the carbon footprint at an appropriate level in, for example, an architectural competition or an SR competition, the low-carbon criteria can be adapted to other quality assessment criteria so that the carbon footprint of projects can be appropriately affected.

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