Environmental classifications of construction projects
Environmental certifications for construction projects

Execute the construction project to minimize environmental impacts, remember environmental certifications.

Environmental classifications of construction projects allow investors, property developers and site users to guide and verify the overall consideration of environmental aspects in the project. Let’s achieve a sustainable property together.

The environmental certificate is a validated third-party quality stamp of environmental efficiency of a construction project.

During the project, environmental certification facilitates stakeholder discussion to develop the project. Environmental certification increases the value of a building and facilitates its sale.

We support you in choosing the most suitable certificate and quality level for the situation, and we help you to develop the most efficient, affordable and best solutions for the quality of the project. Our certification process begins with a comprehensive pre-survey that identifies the site’s objectives and potential environmental rating level. Our experts support and guide the fulfillment of the criteria throughout the design and construction project.

Raksystems GBP has been responsible for most of the environmental classifications made in Finland, and all of them have reached or exceeded the desired level of certification within the agreed timeframe. Green Building Partners Oy has been part of the Raksystems Group since 2020.

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Environmental classifications of construction projects

LEED environmental certification

The LEED environmental certification system is developed and maintained by the Green Building Council (USGBC) for the design, construction, operation, and maintenance of buildings. It is the most widely used environmental certification system internationally. There are more than 110,000 projects in more than 160 countries.

The LEED certification system assesses the environmental performance of facilities, buildings, and areas. The certificate verifies that the building has been designed and built in accordance with strict environmental objectives. The certification provides tools for the sustainable maintenance of the building and savings in energy consumption.

Excerpts from our LEED environmental certification references: REDI Shopping Center, Tripla Shopping Center, DIXI Shopping Center, Matinkylä Metro Center, Sello Shopping Center (one of the first LEED Platinum shopping centers in the world), Ainoa Tapiola, Kastelli Multipurpose Building (Europe’s first LEED for Schools). We have done about 75% of the LEED project phase certifications in Finland.

Environmental classifications of construction projects

BREEAM environmental certification

BREEAM (Building Research Establishment’s Environmental Assessment Method) is the most popular environmental certificate in Europe. It has been nationalized in several countries (Sweden, Norway, the Netherlands, and Spain). It allows the best national practices to be used for quality verification.

The BREEAM environmental certificate provides a clear and systematic model for setting environmental goals, design and worksite guiding, and verifying the end result. In addition to guiding the project phase, it is an excellent tool for sustainable maintenance and energy savings.

Our references for BREEAM environmental certification are e.g. Keilaranta 4 renovation, Arkadiankatu 4-6 renovation, LAMK Lahti campus.

WELL certification

At the heart of WELL certification is the health and well-being of property users. By investing in the well-being and comfort of users, the company’s attractiveness and productivity can also be improved.

In construction projects, our service covers the WELL pre-survey and certification guidance throughout the design and construction project. Raksystems has several WELL AP qualified experts and Finland’s first completed WELL projects: Säterinportti in Espoo and Kutomo Business Park tenant space.

As the first Finnish GBCI-authorized operator, we have also expanded our service offering to perform WELL Performance Testing audits. The WELL Performance Testing audit consists of a comprehensive certification of indoor conditions, including e.g. measurements of air quality, thermal conditions, water quality, lighting, and spatial acoustics. The audit also includes laboratory tests of air and water quality. These tests, together with on-site measurements, ensure that the requirements of the WELL criteria are met. With these audits, we can flexibly and domestically offer the entire WELL certification process, from pre-survey and project management to auditing.

RTS environmental certification

RTS is an environmental certificate developed by Rakennustieto Oy. The criteria is based on the utilization of the best national methods. The RTS environmental classification can be used to ensure that the principles of sustainable development are considered in the project, focusing on the most important national aspects. The main targets of the tool are indoor climate, energy efficiency and humidity risk management. The RTS tool is suitable for new buildings, renovations and sub-renovations that change significantly in terms of building technology.

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