Environmental certifications for existing properties

Environmental certification develops the maintenance functions, interior conditions, sustainability and value of your property.

Let’s create together new operating methods and practices for your property, which will develop operations in a more environmentally friendly direction.

The environmental certificate is a validated third-party quality stamp of environmental efficiency of a property.

We help you choose the most suitable certificate and the desired quality level and develop the most efficient, affordable and best solutions for the quality of your property. Our certification process begins with a comprehensive pre-survey that identifies the site’s objectives and potential environmental rating level. Throughout the certification process, our experts support and guide the fulfillment of the criteria.

Raksystems GBP has been responsible for most of the environmental classifications made in Finland. All of them have reached or exceeded the desired certification level. Green Building Partners Oy has been part of the Raksystems Group since 2020.

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LEED Existing Buildings environmental certification

LEED Existing Buildings: Operation and Maintenance is a certification tool for the operation phase of a building. It measures the environmental efficiency and sustainable development of a property and its services. The LEED EB: O&M certification is valid for three or five years, depending on the version used. After that the property can apply for a new certification. The certification encourages the property’s continuous environmentally efficient operation and enables monitoring and development.

There is an effective LEED Volume Program model for the certification of larger real estate groups. We are the only expert in Finland that has implemented certifications with this model.

Our references in LEED EB certifications include Technopolis, Ilmarinen, Tieto Corporation, Nordea Vallila headquarters, Mylly Shopping Center, Sello Shopping Center and Skanssi Shopping Center.

More information on USGBC website.
Environmental classifications of construction projects

BREEAM In-Use environmental certification

BREEAM In-Use certification serves as a tool for the continuous and systematic development of property maintenance. It often also brings cost savings in energy and water consumption.

BREEAM in-Use enables the certification of a property, considering the maintenance responsibilities and possibilities to influence of the party applying for certification. The scope of certification can be chosen flexibly according to the site. It can include the environmental management of the property, technical maintenance or organizational activities. BREEAM In-Use is divided into two evaluation parts: Asset and Management. The division enables the certification of the property, considering the extent of organizational responsibility of the owners at the site.

Our references on BREEAM In-Use certifications include Fennia block, Veturi Excellent shopping center, Goodman shopping center and Lielahtikeskus, Sanomatalo, Keilaranta 1.

More information on BREEAM website.
WELL certification is for the wellbeing of a building.

WELL certification

At the heart of WELL certification are the health and well-being of property users. By investing in the well-being and comfort of users, the company’s attractiveness and productivity can also be improved.

In addition to the technical characteristics of the space, the WELL certification of existing facilities also assesses the organisation’s performance from the perspective of well-being. We have WELL AP qualified experts and the country’s first WELL projects underway.

As the first Finnish GBCI-authorized operator, we have also expanded our service offering to perform WELL Performance Testing audits. The WELL Performance Testing audit consists of a comprehensive certification of indoor conditions. It includes e.g. measurements of air quality, thermal conditions, water quality, lighting and spatial acoustics. The audit also includes laboratory tests of air and water quality. These tests, together with on-site measurements, ensure that the requirements of the WELL criteria are met. With audits, we can flexibly and domestically offer the entire WELL certification process, from pre-survey and project management to auditing.

More information on IWBI website.

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