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The best conditions for construction work and property health.
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Geolo – providing cleaner construction and healthy properties

Geolo is a completely new approach to minimising CO2 emissions and energy consumption and optimising production conditions during construction work. Geolo guarantees the well-being of the building and maximises its lifecycle – cost-effectively.

Together with the implementation of optimal production conditions and our new energy management solution, we form a total solution that strongly renews the construction industry.

For more information about Geolo, please contact the CEO of Raksystems Climate Solutions Oy, Janne Vanhanen, tel. +358 41 731 4495 / or the operational director Ville Turunen, tel. +358 41 731 6775 /



Emission savings together with us by:

Construction companies: Lapti, SRV, YIT and Jatke
Property investors: City of Espoo, City of Kuopio/ Facility Services of Kuopio

And besides these, many more of our customers.

Partners who have accumulated emission savings with us: SRV, City of Espoo, Bonava, YIT, Sirius Capital and TAALERI Real estate

This is how we saved emissions in 2023:

Geolo’s realized CO2 emission savings in 2023 = 2,043,000 CO2e kg

2023 emission savings correspond to 14,603,000 kilometers driven with a medium-emission car

With this amount of km, you can drive approx. 365 times around the globe

Planning the project and equipment needs

  • We make the plans for the equipment and measures needed to produce the optimal conditions. Geolo’s heating and cooling solutions are used to obtain optimal temperature and humidity levels in all seasons. This enables the even drying of building structures and prevents wasting energy on unnecessary structural heating. Installation of surface materials is also carried out in the right conditions, which meet the M1 emission classification.

Delivery and installation on site

  • Our total-price installation service delivers the equipment to the site in stages and according to schedule. Correctly timed equipment deliveries enable immediate initiation of structural heating and drying processes, as the building envelope is sealed with either temporary or permanent solutions.
    • The Geolo energy station is connected to the geoenergy field.
    • The equipment is installed on site and connected to the remote management system.
    • Our experts then execute well-planned management of conditions on site throughout the construction phase, reacting proactively to any changes that take place.

Equipment optimisation

  • We optimise the amount of equipment based on CO2 emissions, energy consumption and target conditions and timetables. This ensures that we have the right set-up to support the production process and enables us to set the right conditions for keeping on schedule. This all helps to cut down overall costs.
    • We implement recycling and cleaning of warm air.
    • We adjust the quantity of equipment where needed.
    • We carry out any needed maintenance visits and equipment inspections.
    • We manage moisture transfer in building structures and control of replacement and exhaust air.

Equipment maintenance and removal

  • Equipment is dismantled when it is no longer needed at the site. We monitor the equipment needs based on both the progress on site and the advance plan. We also ensure that the equipment functions well throughout its service life and see to any needed maintenance work.

Reporting and quality assurance measurements

  • Quality assurance measurements are taken based on our moisture measurement plan and on the latest approved guidelines for good construction practice.
  • Reporting is an integral part of the entire project and is handled by the designated contact person for the site.
  • We report on all agreed and necessary matters as the site work plan moves forward. The final report presents an overall summary of the project implementation and results obtained, which are then reviewed together with the customer.

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Geolo, kiinteistön pitkä elinkaari alkaa maan alta.

Construction done in the right conditions

  • Saves energy and reduces construction-related emissions.
  • Secures the structural conditions for good indoor air.
  • Ensures safe and healthy premises for the end user.
  • Supports the process for obtaining environmental certification.
  • Helps to keep construction on schedule.
  • Helps maintain high quality.
  • Reduces notices of defect and warranty repairs.
  • Increases the predictability of the construction process and thus enables increased productivity.
  • Boosts the precision of the construction project schedule, thus facilitating timely transitions between different work phases.
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Geolo, kiinteistön pitkä elinkaari alkaa maan alta.

Increasing climate and environmental requirements in the construction industry

The importance of responsible and low-emission operations is increasing in the construction industry due to rising customer requirements, stricter permits processes and a strengthening emissions trading system. Activities are also strongly guided by the objective of keeping the rise in global temperatures below 1.5 degrees. The construction industry must significantly reduce construction-related CO2 emissions within the near future. Achieving such reductions on construction sites will require changes to familiar practices and the use of new innovations. Geolo is a solution that will revolutionise the construction industry.

Geolo, kiinteistön pitkä elinkaari alkaa maan alta.

Positive outcomes for the environment, construction industry and property owners

The overall positive impact of Geolo for the environment and climate is truly significant when one adds up the potential benefits of our service package in terms of emissions savings, energy cost minimisation and maximisation of property health throughout the lifecycle.

The final result supports construction companies and property owners towards reaching their responsibility objectives. For the end-users, this means living and working in healthy and thriving buildings.

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We operate and develop our solutions together with leading companies in the field.

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El-Björn produces and designs temporary and permanent electrical, lighting, heating and drying room products for the construction industry and for industrial maintenance.

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