The services of a humidity control coordinator will reduce the risk of humidity damage during the entire lifecycle of a property.

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Humidity control coordinator for your project

Our experts have acted as humidity control coordinators in new building projects and renovation projects of different sizes. We provide humidity control coordination services for the following buildings, for example

  • Residential buildings,
  • Office buildings,
  • Commercial buildings,
  • Buildings for institutional care and
  • Educational buildings.

Kosteudenhallintakoordinaattorimme hallitsevat Kuivaketju 10- sekä vaihtoehtoiset kosteudenhallinnan toimintamallit

  • Kosteudenhallintakoordinaattori varmistaa rakennushankkeen kosteudenhallinnan toteutuminen jokaisessa rakennusprosessin vaiheessa.
  • Rakennushankkeeseen tulee valita kosteudenhallintakoordinaattori jo hankkeen alkumetreillä. Uudisrakennushankkeissa kosteudenhallinnan valvonnasta vastaava henkilö on vuodesta 2018 alkaen tullut nimetä rakennuslupavaiheessa.

Duties of a humidity control coordinator

Our humidity control coordinator:

  • Prepares humidity control reports
  • Prepares humidity control instructions for tendering documents
  • Reviews and approves the contractor’s humidity control plan
  • Monitors the implementation of humidity control on site through supervision and measuring procedures
  • Provides training to the employees to ensure high quality of the construction site

If the work is to be carried out according to the Kuivaketju10 procedure, the project duties will be determined according to the procedure.

The Kuivaketju10 procedure covers the entire building process from design to construction, not to forget the acceptance and operating stages of the property. The humidity control coordinator has a key role in the Kuivaketju10 procedure.

A humidity control coordinator is an objective humidity control expert

A humidity control coordinator is an expert selected by the client who is independent of the designers and contractors. Successful humidity control during a construction project ensures drier and healthier construction and better quality of the final result.

The humidity control coordinator supervises and checks the realisation of humidity control and anticipates potential risks at the construction site during construction. With the guidance of the humidity control coordinator, risks will be addressed before damage occurs and the operations can be monitored through high-quality documentation.

Our humidity control coordinators are aware of the risks during construction and humidity control processes. The humidity control coordinator works in cooperation with the designers, the client, the developer and the contractor.

A humidity control coordinator is appointed at the design stage

A humidity control coordinator should be involved in the project already at the project planning stage, as the requirements for humidity control are set at this stage. Anticipation plays an important role in identifying the humidity damage risks, which is why they must be addressed starting from the planning table.

Decree of the Ministry of the Environment on Moisture Performance of Buildings (Ympäristöministeriön asetus rakennusten kosteusteknisestä toimivuudesta, 782/2017) entered into force on 1 January 2018. According to the decree, a person responsible for humidity control must be named at the construction permit stage for new building projects.

Request a quote or contact us!

Our customer service is available at our nationwide customer service number on weekdays from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm.