Property tax is one of the largest maintenance costs.
Property tax survey

Property tax is one of the largest maintenance costs.

Let our experts investigate your property tax situation, as by reviewing and optimizing its criteria, it is possible to achieve clear savings in maintenance costs.

The property tax survey reviews the real estate tax bases and savings opportunities.

Property tax is one of the biggest maintenance cost items. Under fiscal pressure, its importance will continue to increase. In addition, the tax administration’s guidelines are updated with the case law and thus change the current interpretations and tax practice.

The real estate tax bases are determined according to calculation formulas, but they contain numerous details and alternative interpretations.

By reviewing and optimizing the property tax bases, it is possible to achieve clear savings in maintenance costs. Savings can be made by correcting errors in individual tax bases, filling in gaps or using the most affordable interpretation.

We manage the details of property taxation, savings opportunities and potential risks. We have made successful property tax returns for Finland’s largest property owners, individual properties and construction projects.

Raksystems GBP’s property tax services cover property tax returns for existing properties, property tax correctness assessments in real estate transactions and property tax returns for a construction project. In addition to checking the property tax bases, we take care of correcting the tax bases, possible appeals process and, if necessary, preparing property declarations for construction projects and alterations, for example, to fulfill the property owner’s notification obligation. Green Building Partners Oy has been part of the Raksystems Group since 2020.

For more information contact Konsta Tuokko, Senior Expert, 044 012 2018 and Keijo Leppävuori, CEO of GBP, 044 7665 318.

Property tax is one of the largest maintenance costs.

Property tax survey for real estate portfolio

We can perform the entire inspection process on a portfolio of multiple properties with a success fee model based on realized savings.

The property tax survey for large real estate portfolios is divided into three areas:

  • A pre-survey is carried out for all sites to identify potential savings targets and potential risks.
  • The site survey reviews in detail the tax bases for selected properties, performs inspections of land and buildings tax bases, area measurements, review calculations and alternative review, and discusses the inspection results together with the client and prepares a correction request.
  • Monitoring and reporting of correction claims includes preparing any additional reports to the tax administration, reviewing decisions and taking care of any appeals process (administrative court, Supreme Administrative Court), and monitoring and reporting the overall situation.
Property tax is one of the largest maintenance costs.

Property tax survey in a construction project

The tax survey for the planning and construction phase of an investment project provides a reliable estimate of the amount of future tax for investment accounting, sales brochure and / or budgeting of maintenance costs, and minimizes the amount of tax in accordance with the law.

The importance of property tax is especially emphasized in new properties. There the quality level is high and there are no age reductions yet. In addition, the amount of taxes varies considerably between seemingly similar properties. This means the data of the properties in comparison are not sufficient for a reliable estimate, but the future tax must be determined on the basis of the land and building data of the actual property.

Our work content covers:

  • preparation of a property tax calculation based on draft plans,
  • developing a plan to identify opportunities for tax savings,
  • alternative studies from the point of view of uses and subdivisions, assessment of optimization opportunities and risks,
  • review of the first property tax decision; and
  • preparation of a real estate declaration / correction claim.

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