Condition inspections are usually only used when selling your home.

A condition inspection benefits you also when you are not planning to move

Condition inspections are usually only used when selling your home: that is why Raksystems has named its condition inspection product the Housing Trade Condition Evaluation. Maybe because of the name, or maybe because of our way of thinking or the Finnish culture, a Housing Trade Condition Evaluation is not often considered a service that can assist you when you are not planning to move.

A Housing Trade Condition Evaluation is an excellent tool, because repairing any damage or defects detected by a structural engineering expert can produce major savings when compared to a situation where the damage or defect is left unnoticed.

Benefits of the Housing Trade Condition Evaluation

The purpose of a Housing Trade Condition Evaluation is to offer objective information regarding the condition, repair needs, damage, and health and safety hazards connected with the subject site, as well as repair proposals connected with these issues.

A person living in a detached house is rarely a structural engineering expert to whom the recommended service lives and correct maintenance of structures are part of everyday life. Hence, an inspection, a report and a verbal assessment and instructions from an expert will not go to waste. Instead, they can excellently support the management and maintenance of your home.

Condition Evaluation is a comprehensive service that motivates you to repair your home

The Turunen family placed an order for a Housing Trade Condition Evaluation to assist them, even though they are not planning to sell their home. They were slightly afraid of the inspection in advance, because they had not built their home themselves and were afraid of what the inspector might find.

Fear and uncertainty seem to be common emotions right before an inspection visit, because the potential of damage being detected gives rise to concerns. Our experts are well aware of such emotions.

The Turunen family had a good experience with the condition inspection: they found the Housing Trade Condition Evaluation a versatile, comprehensive and professional service that motivated them to repair their house.

“The site visit was unhurried and went smoothly. The inspection was thorough. Filling out the interview form and discussing the site before starting the actual inspection was a smart move, and the inspector posed many questions. The process was kept well on track and highlighted plenty of facts pertaining to good maintenance of our home! We will use the results of the Housing Trade Condition Evaluation to renovate, improve and maintain our home. The inspector was very competent and courteous, even when providing more difficult feedback,” says the mother of the Turunen family.

Detached house maintenance charge

Management and maintenance charges are familiar concepts for people living in apartment buildings, i.e. the shareholders of housing companies, but few people living in a detached house regularly put aside money in anticipation of future renovations – even though saving money would be a wise move for the future.

When the current and future maintenance, repair and renovation needs have been determined in a Housing Trade Condition Evaluation, the homeowner can start planning their finances also in terms of the condition of their home.

Placing an order for a Long-Term Maintenance Proposal for a Detached House in connection with the Housing Trade Condition Evaluation is recommended, because the Long-Term Maintenance Proposal (PTS) is a more detailed plan on future renovations. It also includes the estimated costs of the repair actions. The PTS report includes the dates of all structural engineering repairs and further surveys that will be necessary in the next ten years, as well as their estimated costs.

“I’m pleased to see that more people living in detached houses have taken it upon themselves to study the condition of their home and its maintenance, but we still have a long way to go before we can say that the maintenance of detached houses is professional and systematic in a manner that will retain the living environment safe and healthy for a longer time,” says Kim Malmivaara, the head of the Condition Inspection Services unit of Raksystems Insinööritoimisto Oy.

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