Above all, supervision means managing the risks inherent to construction activities.

Raksystems boosts its business by acquiring AEC Rakennus Oy Projektinjohto

Finland’s leading condition inspection company Raksystems Insinööritoimisto Oy continues its strong growth by acquiring the entire share capital of AEC Rakennus Oy Projektinjohto, a project management and property development company operating in Finland and abroad.

The acquisition will change the name of AEC Rakennus Oy Projektinjohto to Raksystems AEC Projektinjohto Oy. Esa Rissanen, the company’s former principal owner, will continue as AEC’s Managing Director.

“AEC has grown rapidly, and its net sales are expected to increase to almost 40% in 2016. We are pleased to be able to collaborate with Raksystems and to have a reliable expert company from the construction and real estate industry continue our work and support our growth,” says Esa Rissanen, the Managing Director of Raksystems AEC Projektinjohto Oy.

The services offered by Raksystems AEC Projektinjohto Oy include project management services for residential, commercial and office construction, for both new and renovated buildings. The company’s customer-centred project management model lightens the workload when performing modifications and additional construction work, as the construction work is performed as subprojects. This means that a separate competitive bidding is arranged for each subproject and all the subprojects are realised at fair market price.

With the acquisition, Raksystems improves its construction project expertise, in particular. Now customers can receive comprehensive and cost-effective service throughout the lifecycle of their property, both in the case of a new building and during a renovation.

“This is an excellent start for 2016,” says happy Marko Malmivaara, the Managing Director of Raksystems. “Raksystems boosts its property development expertise and takes a major step forwards in the fields of project management and property development. In 2015, our personnel increased by a whopping 15%, and we need to continue to hire new people to keep up with our current growth. We will continuously need new experts in the industry,” Malmivaara says.

Further information:

Marko Malmivaara
Managing Director, M. Sc. (Eng.)
Tel. +358 400 464 934

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