Raksystems GBP is now a LEED Proven Provider.

Raksystems GBP is the first LEED Proven Provider in the Nordic countries

Raksystems GBP has achieved Proven Provider status within the international LEED environmental rating. The status is first in the whole Northern Europe.

Recognition for long-term sustainability work

Raksystems GBP has done fist-rate work with LEED environmental ratings as Finland’s market leader and Europe’s brightest leader. The recognition of Proven Provider status is a third-party verification of the achievements so far.

There are only 116 LEED Proven Provider organizations worldwide, 10 of which are in Europe and 90 in the home country of LEED in the United States. The status has been granted by Green Business Certification Inc. (GBCI), which is responsible for, among other things, evaluations of LEED environmental ratings worldwide.

“Proven Provider status is a great joint achievement from the entire Raksystems GBP LEED team, and a great tribute to our long-term and quality work on LEED environmental ratings. We have been Finland’s market leader in LEED environmental ratings for a long time with a market share of up to 80%, and this recognition from GBCI further strengthens our position as Finland’s leading LEED expert. With this status, we are pleased to serve our customers even better in the future! ”, says Simo Skogberg, a leading expert at Raksystems GBP.

Faster environmental certification

LEED Proven Provider status gives an edge for more rapid third-party evaluation process in the project stage for LEED certification. This creates significant added value and direct scheduling benefit for Raksystems GBP customers to achieve LEED certification.

“Quality is at the core of the LEED certification process, and Raksystems Green Building Partners has exhibited expertise in helping to bring healthy, high-performing buildings to the market. The LEED Proven Provider model represents a great partnership between Raksystems Green Building Partners and GBCI, because it allows GBCI to maintain a rigorous certification program and gives Raksystems Green Building Partners an opportunity to deliver LEED projects to its clients faster,” says Sarah Alexander, senior vice president of certification, GBCI.

Raksystems GBP LEED has also been a member of US Green Building Council since 2011, allowing lower the cost of third-party certification for customers. Raksystems GBP also has a comprehensive representation in the expert groups of the Finnish Green Building Council (FiGBC) environmental certifications.

LEED certification

LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) is the world’s leading environmental rating system for real estate. It provides a tool and criteria for a comprehensive assessment of a building’s environmental and energy performance. LEED is developed and maintained by a third-party organization Green Building Council® (USGBC®). It confirms that the site has been designed and built in accordance with the principles of sustainable development.

The LEED environmental certification has four rating levels: Certified, Silver, Gold, and Platinum. Achieving the levels depends on both the fulfilment of the mandatory criteria requirements and other criteria based on the total number of points to be achieved.

There are around 240 LEED-certified sites in Finland, of which 80% have been consulted by Raksystems GBP. Raksystems GBP has consulted a total of 35 LEED certifications in Finland, the Baltic countries and the United States in 2020. Certified sites include: REDI Shopping Center, Tripla Shopping Center, Sello Shopping Center (the world’s first LEED Platinum shopping centers), Kastelli Multipurpose Building (Europe’s first LEED for Schools) and the Nokian Tires Dayton plant in the United States.

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