Raksystems provides versatile real estate welfare services in the Nordic and Baltic countries

Raksystems provides versatile real estate welfare services in the Nordic and Baltic countries

With its more than 440 experts, Raksystems Group is the leading property wellbeing expert in the Nordic countries. In addition to the Nordic countries, the company serves its customers in the Baltic countries. For a long time, Technical Due Diligence services have been one of the internationally best-known services provided by Raksystems. These services are also provided from Sweden nowadays.

“I’m pleased that we were able to include Projektledarhuset i Stockholm Ab in Raksystems in June. In cooperation with them, we can serve Raksystems’ TDD customers also from Sweden. Our team of experts in Sweden consists of experts from Projektledarhuset and Dry-IT,” explains Jan Havik, the Managing Director of Raksystems Dry-IT.

“This takes us one step closer to our goal of offering our customers in Sweden as extensive real estate survey services as to our customers in Finland,” says Marko Malmivaara, the Group CEO of Raksystems Group.

Some of our recent TDD sites in Finland include the new head office of the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) and a Verkkokauppa.com store. Both properties were sold in early 2020. In the case of the ECHA the customer was German Hansainvest and in the case of Verkkokauppa.com French Corum AM. Both sites are also LEED-certified.

“In addition to survey services, Raksystems Group offers its real estate customers environmental certification of existing properties and properties still under construction. One of the most commonly used environment certificates for existing properties in the Nordic and Baltic countries is BREEAM In-Use,” says Örjan Kjellström, the Managing Director of Raksystems Projektledarhuset.

We also provide our customers with real estate tax surveys in Finland. One in every three property owners pays too much real estate tax, so there is plenty of savings potential. In Finland, real estate tax is determined using calculation formulae which include a host of details and alternative interpretation methods. Notable savings in maintenance costs can be achieved by checking and optimising the calculation basis of your real estate tax. Savings can be achieved by correcting any errors in the tax basis, supplementing any incomplete information or using the most affordable interpretation method, for example.

Additional information:

Marko Malmivaara, Group CEO, Raksystems Group, +358 40 046 4934
Jan Havik, Managing Director, Raksystems Dry-IT, +46 8 464 66 23
Örjan Kjellström, Managing Director, Raksystems Projektledarhuset, +46 8 588 919 10

Raksystems – the best in the Nordic countries, every day!

Raksystems Group’s mission is to assist property owners in keeping their buildings in good condition. A building that is in good condition promotes the wellbeing of both the residents and the owners, as well as benefits the environment: we actively promote sustainable choices and values. Our services reduce the environmental impact of buildings and encourage customers to make better choices.

We employ some 440 people in Finland and Sweden. Raksystems was established in 1989. For more information, please visit raksystems.com.

Raksystems Group:

  • Raksystems Insinööritoimisto Oy (Finland)
  • AEC Rakennus Oy Projektinjohto (Finland)
  • Insinööritoimisto RJ Heiskanen Oy (Finland)
  • Sisäilmatalo Kärki Oy (Finland)
  • Dry-IT AB (Sweden)
  • Helsingin Seudun Suunnittelu- ja Rakennuttajapalvelu HSSR Oy (Finland)
  • Tubular Oy (Finland)
  • Green Building Partners Oy (Finland)
  • Projektledarhuset i Stockholm AB (Sweden)

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