Green Building Partners Oy is a leading real estate environmental certifier. GBP has been part of Raksystems since 2020.

Green construction specialist

Founded in 2011, Green Building Partners Oy is a company specializing in environmental, energy and life cycle services for construction and existing properties. We have been part of Raksystems since 2020.

We combine the joy and energy of working together. Our professional, motivated, and committed experts know the technical depths of buildings and the needs of property users. Years of solid experience in the areas of real estate business management has helped us specialize in exactly where we are the best.

Our expertise covers all elements of construction environmental management, from project planning objectives to the management of environmental issues in the operation and maintenance phase. In addition, we have strong evidence of property maintenance consulting and strategic planning of operations.

Our services

Environmental classifications

  • LEED, BREEAM, RTS and WELL certifications
  • For construction projects, the maintenance phase, the portfolio and at the regional level

Energy and life cycle planning

  • Lifecycle planning and in-service operation assurance
    • Energy calculations and simulations
    • Indoor simulations and measurements
    • Energy statements and certificates
    • Renewable energy profitability studies
    • Design and construction control
  • Life Cycle Costing (LCC)
  • Life Cycle Estimates (LCA), Carbon Footprinting (CO²)
  • TerveTalo and Kuivaketju10 coordination
    • Verification of building physical functionality

Property management consulting

  • Procurement consulting for real estate information systems
  • Development of property management functions
  • Environmental strategy

Real estate tax review and optimization

  • Property tax returns for the entire portfolio or individual property
  • In the project planning phase, property tax assessment and optimization
  • Optimal preparation of the tax return during the construction phase
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