Vastuullinen Raksystems

Responsible for property, people and the environment.

Healthy buildings are important for the wellbeing of people and the environment. We see our expertise as the solution.

As a building and real estate expert organisation, we have an excellent opportunity to improve the condition of properties and the wellbeing of their users and owners, which will also have a positive impact on the status of the environment.

Sustainability in Raksystems

Our key duty is to assist property owners in taking care of their buildings. This promotes the wellbeing of both the residents and the owners. It also benefits the environment: we actively promote sustainable choices and values. Our services reduce the environmental impact of buildings and encourage customers to make better choices. In Raksystems, sustainability culminates in these three themes: the wellbeing of buildings, people and the environment.

Our vision is to continue to be successful also in the future by fulfilling our common core mission, sticking to the agreed values and aiming for the best in the Nordic countries, every day!

See our sustainability principles and our values.