Hyvinvoiva ympäristö

Our services reduce the environmental impact of buildings.

One of our duties is to encourage our customers to make better choices, taking into account the environment.

Sustainability in Raksystems

The best way we can influence the environment is through our services. That is why we strive in all our expert work for solutions that reduce the carbon footprint by, for instance, improving the indoor conditions and energy efficiency.

We aim to increase our carbon handprint by 15% per year and to decrease our carbon footprint by 15% per year. Our goal is to be carbon neutral by 2025.

How can we achieve our goals?

We have created a roadmap for the reduction of our carbon footprint. The roadmap presents our actions in 2021–2025. We have included in our agenda for 2021 improvements in the recycling rate of our offices, a procurement instruction audit, a switch to responsible materials in working clothes and office supplies, as well as a in our offices for renewable district heating and electricity. If necessary, we are prepared to compensate for some of the emissions that we are unable to reduce by our own efforts.

In order to increase our carbon handprint, we are optimising our service offering to customers and related reporting so that the customers will be able to better see the potential to reduce the carbon footprint of their properties.