Hyvinvoiva ihminen

The wellbeing of people is close to our hearts.

Human wellbeing is a complex concept. An example of it is a person who feels well in a building which we have provided our proficient expert services.

Well and ethically operated business with safe and encouraging athmosphere

We recognize that the key to our success is our talented and knowledgeable personnel. This is why we prioritize their wellbeing, ensuring that they are happy and find the work environment to be safe and equal, so that we can continue to provide optimal customer service.

Good corporate governance including ethical business and responsibility through our value chain is the cornerstone of our operations. Our strong confidence in our employees and their willingness to learn and develop is the company’s proposition to create long-term value. We act, deliver quality, and build trust with our customers.

Our most important corporate principles related to business ethics, social, and environmental performance, are summarized in our Code of Conduct (“Code”). The Code defines how we do business and how we behave as employees. We have a one-company approach, meaning that we operate according to our values, policies, and principles in all areas. Our Code was published 2023 and incidents will be monitored from 2023.

We require from our business financial profitability and stability, which create the prerequisites needed for persistent work to benefit our customers, employees and owners. Our growth strategy supports the creation of jobs in Finland and Sweden, which also makes us part of the creation of social wellbeing.

Personnel satisfaction is on a good level

We conduct a personnel survey every year on a company level. Our latest employee survey from the year 2022 shows that our employee satisfaction and wellbeing is on a good level. The employee’s net recommendation index or eNPS value is +21 (between -100 and +100). In Finland, the result was +38. When the value is between +10 and +30, the result is estimated to be at a good level.

Employee safety as highest priority

We monitor together with occupational healt care the number of accidents during the year. In 2022, there were total of 11 accidents of which eight were in Finland and three in Sweden. This means that Total Recordable Incident Rate (TRIR) was approximately 2.0 calculated for the number of employees in 2022 at Raksystems. The average TRIR in private industry sector was 2.7 in 2021 based on BLS (U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics). Raksystems ambiton is TRIR to be equal to zero.

The number of personnel increased in 2022

At the end of the year 2022, there were total of 627 employees at Raksystems. 65% of employees work in Finland and 35% in Sweden. Approximately 36% of the employees at Raksystems Group are women and 64% men. The number of employees increased especially due to acquisitions. During 2022, EcoReal Oy in Finland and Aquademica AB in Sweden joined Raksystems.

We ensure human wellbeing through the
best expertise in the Nordics

We are committed to having a positive company culture by prioritizing the personnel development & employee wellbeing. Further, maintaining a profitable business with a focus on responsible & ethical operations throughout our value chain is of high priority.

Human Wellbeing – 2022 KPIs

21 eNPS
employee satisfaction

2.0 TRI
total recordable injury

training days per employee

73.6 M€
total turnover

32 M€
tax footprint