Project management, planning and supervision of a pipeline renovation project in an apartment building from the 1970s

Many apartment buildings from the 1970s will start a pipeline renovation project in the next few years, because the pipelines will soon reach the end of their estimated technical service life. This is the case also with housing company Asunto Oy Neilikkaketo. Built in 1970, the pipeline renovation project was started in March 2017 and the contract will be completed in the autumn of 2020. Raksystems implemented the project management and planning of the project, as well as monitors the progress of the repair work.

Implementation of the pipeline renovation

Asunto Oy Neilikkaketo’s pipeline renovation will be carried out using the traditional approach, i.e. in addition to replacing the building company’s water pipelines and sewers, the renovation also covers all surfaces and waterproofing elements in bathrooms. The building company also decided to simultaneously modernise its electricity distribution network and renovate the building’s shared sauna.

Raksystems has been involved in the pipeline renovation project right from the start and will continue until the end. The renovation project was started in 2017 with project management duties, after which Raksystems experts performed the renovation project’s project planning and implementation planning. Raksystems was selected as the provider of the project management services partially based on a recommendation from the property manager.

“I had worked with project manager Pasi Kupiainen in a couple of similar projects before. The projects went very well, and Pasi’s actions as the project manager were outstanding. He is meticulous and as the head of the project organisation, will quickly investigate any problems that arise,” says Asunto Oy Neilikkaketo’s property manager, Ossi Airola from Isännöitsijätoimisto Maikoski Oy.

The actual repair work started at the beginning of 2020. Our experts will act as supervisors throughout the repair project.

“The cooperation between us, the property manager, the housing company’s Board of Directors and the contractor has been fluent. During the course of the project, the atmosphere at construction site meetings has always been relaxed, and the work is proceeding as planned,” sums up Pasi Kupiainen, the head of Raksystems’ Repair Planning Unit, who has acted as the project manager in this project.

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