Siltasaari 10 achieved a LEED certification.

Siltasaari 10 achieved the highest score in Finland in LEED environmental certification

Real estate investment company Antilooppi’s property Siltasaari 10 achieved the LEED v4 Platinum level environmental certificate in March 2022 with a record high score in Finland. The Raksystems Green Building Services division consulted on the project, directed the measures required for certification and was also responsible for collecting the necessary certification material.

Finland’s best points in LEED certification

The site located in Hakaniemi achieved the highest score in Finland with the LEED v4 certification of construction projects, with a score of 85/110. At the beginning of the project, the real estate’s goal was to achieve the Gold level of the certification system. As soon the project progressed, it was noticed that there were opportunities for the highest level of certification, Platinum.

LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) is a U.S. An environmental certificate maintained by the Green Building Council. It comprehensively assesses sustainable development solutions in construction. LEED is the world’s most widely used environmental rating system for buildings. The LEED system is divided into four different classification levels, which are Certified, Silver, Gold and Platinum.

The LEED certification system assesses the environmental properties of premises, buildings, and areas. The certificate certifies that the building has been designed and built in accordance with strict environmental goals. Siltasaari 10 is a historical site, so a complete renovation was done respecting the old, but still bringing the site to today.

Excellent location and good conditions for the property users

The site is very accessible and is located in connection with excellent public transport connections. The cyclists’ conditions were invested in, with a bicycle garage for 400 bicycles and a bicycle service station. The goal was to ensure conditions for cyclists were at least as good as for motorists.

The high-quality conditions and well-being of the property’s users were at the centre of the design from the beginning. The buildins’s interior spaces and indoor conditions have been invested in. This includes high indoor air quality through good ventilation, digitalized heating control, good energy efficiency and low-emission building materials. There are also good social facilities at the site.

“Siltasaari 10 is a great project, which responsibility goals we were able to lead at a very early stage. It is a pleasure to see that these goals have been reached with ambitious and determined work. With repair construction, a significant part of the “carbon peak” of new construction has been avoided. The end result is also an energy-efficient and modern office space with a small carbon footprint during use,” says Konsta Tuokko, Raksystems GBS’s leading expert.

High certification rate for properties

WELL certification is also applied for the property, which focuses more on spaces that promote the health and well-being of the property’s users. Antilooppi is also aiming for a 100% certification rate for its properties by 2023. Now 30% of the portfolio is certified.

“Siltasaari 10 is a historical site that was able to be brought up to date with a complete renovation while respecting history. Responsibility can be seen in everything from indoor air, water consumption and low-emission materials used in construction. The user conditions are excellent, and the well-being of our customers has played a central role in the planning and implementation of Siltasaari 10. To demonstrate this, the property is also expected to receive a WELL certificate focusing on the well-being of the users of the facilities,” says Asset Manager Tuomas Hulkkonen.

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