Planning housing company As Oy Laivastokatu 8–10’s pipeline renovation project

Raksystems planned the pipeline renovation project of a valuable property that is more than a hundred years old.

The implementation plan covered the replacement of water pipelines and sewers, as well as layouts for architectural drawings and pipeline drawings. The pipeline renovation planning covered architectural design, structural engineering, HVAC engineering and electrical engineering.

Planning the implementation of a pipeline renovation project

A pipeline renovation project planning report prepared by a Raksystems expert included several options for realising the pipeline renovation project. In addition, detailed specifications for all of the required pipeline renovation stages were prepared so that the customer would have as good an idea as possible of the possible implementation methods to reach a decision on which of the proposed options is the best for the property.

Pipeline renovation planning is always done after having performed a Condition Evaluation and prepared a long-term repair and maintenance plan proposal. The planning consists of descriptions of the different available pipeline renovation options, their scopes and their costs. The goals are to avoid surprising costs during the course of the renovation project and to ensure that the project is realised in a cost-effective manner.

Site information:

Housing company: As Oy Laivastokatu 8–10
Year of construction: 1911
Number of buildings: 2
Number of apartments: 42
Other premises: 42 commercial premises
Last repaired: 2012

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