One Raksystems Group - three divisions.
Business Unit introduction

One Group, three divisions.

We divide our business into three divisions; Green Building Services, Inspections & Surveys and Project Services.

GREEN BUILDING SERVICES – promoting green construction

The property and construction industry plays an important role in the curbing of climate change. Low-carbon construction and financial planning have a concrete impact on the joint emissions targets, and we are strongly involved in guiding our customers towards sustainability. We are a partner for responsible builders and property owners, and the market leader in green building consulting.

Our expertise covers all the elements of environmental guidance in construction from project planning goals to the management of environmental matters during the operation and maintenance phase. Furthermore, we have plenty of expertise from property maintenance consulting and strategic planning of operations.

We are even stronger because in addition to green building experts, our expert organisation includes experts in both preventive maintenance and sustainable design, and everybody at Raksystems works to protect our customers’ interests!

Raksystems Green Building Services

Green Building Services in a nutshell

  • Environmental classification of building projects and existing properties
    • International certifications: LEED, BREEAM, WELL
    • National certification: RT environmental classification
  • Energy and lifecycle planning and guidance
    • Life Cycle Costing (LCC)
    • Life Cycle Assessment (LCA; CO2 calculations)
    • PPP projects (public-private partnerships)
  • On-site P1 cleanliness monitoring
  • Healthy building coordination
  • Technical humidity risk management of a construction project

INSPECTIONS & SURVEYS – to support preventive property maintenance

The lifecycle of a property starts with construction. Future sustainability, maintainability and costs of the property can be influenced already at the design phase. Material and system selections will also influence the building’s CO2 emissions at the construction and operational phase, as well as maintainability when the property is in use.

The lifecycle of a property starts at the building site and continues with maintenance throughout the property’s life up until the building is demolished. The building lifecycle includes several points at which the condition of the building must be assessed, and the survey results will lead to smaller or larger renovations. The maintenance of a property requires a systematic approach and expertise. Maintenance consists of concrete actions to maintain the finances of the property and ensures that the building is healthy, safe, comfortable and ecological.

To achieve the best results from the financial perspective, large renovations should be done at the correct phases of the property lifecycle. This is possible only through persistent and competent property lifecycle management.

Raksystems Inspections & Surveys for B2B

Inspections & Surveys B2B in a nutshell

  • Condition evaluations and Kiinteistökartturi (digital tool for housing associates)
  • Technical and Environmental Due Diligence
  • Condition surveys, such as
    • Concrete surveys
    • Water, heating and sewer pipeline surveys
    • Video imaging of sewers and weeping drains
    • Property humidity surveys
  • Indoor air surveys
  • Contaminant surveys
  • Radon surveys
  • Energy services
Raksystems Inspections & Surveys for B2C

Inspections & Surveys B2C in a nutshell

  • Housing Trade Condition Evaluation
  • Transaction Security
  • Condition surveys and expert opinions on one-family houses
  • Periodic inspections of one-family houses and KotiApp (digital tool to support the maintenance of private households (ca. 60 000 downloads)
  • Surface area measuring
  • Humidity surveys
  • Indoor air surveys
  • Contaminant surveys
  • Radon surveys
  • Energy services

PROJECT SERVICES – without compromising construction quality

The work to ensure construction quality starts long before the actual construction – at the design phase. A competent design team that is capable of teamwork will start the building off on the right foot. Having a competent team involved throughout the project lifecycle is especially important. The big picture must be kept in mind when handling property development duties, but detailed project planning, implementation of the project and construction work supervision must not be forgotten either.

A construction project realised in compliance with modern sanitation requirements benefits both the personnel working at the building site and future tenants of the building. We are talking about occupational health and safety and housing health.

Sustainable choices and the work done by the competent, experienced design engineer, project manager and supervisor will be rewarded with a well-functioning and healthy building during the lifecycle of the property.

Raksystems Project Services

Project Services in a nutshell

  • New buildings and renovation projects:
    • Architectural design
    • Structural engineering
    • HVAC, electricity and automation engineering
    • Project management and property development
    • Supervisory tasks
    • Monitoring services
    • Sanitation and humidity management coordinator services
    • Structural physics expert services
  • Annual inspections

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