Comparison of heating systems now available in Raksystems’ TDD service

Comparison of heating systems now available in Raksystems’ TDD service

Raksystems’ Technical Due Diligence (TDD) service, which is designed for buying and selling large properties or property portfolios, now offers the Heating Systems expansion. The additional service allows for comparing alternative heating systems as well as their expenses and impact on the maintenance charge. 

“The heating system calculation and solar calculation as part of the TDD suite enable us to provide a unique service. Making impartial calculations a part of objective condition assessment is, for us as a company, one way of providing information and alternatives at the property level amid the current energy insecurity”, explains Jari Marttinen, Chief Business Officer, Inspection & Surveys B2B.

Typically, changing the heating system is a solution that brings significant cost savings for the property. The calculations provided as an additional service for Technical Due Diligence concretely describe the share of heating in the property’s management costs as well as its CO2 emissions.

“We want to encourage sustainable property management on a general level and do our part for reducing properties’ environmental impact. Using renewable energy is now more relevant than ever, and the calculations provide a clear perspective on the topic. I am very glad that we are able to offer our customers this additional service”, Marttinen says.

Free Heating Systems expansion for this autumn’s TDD subscriptions

The Heating Systems expansions includes two extensive areas: heating system calculation and solar calculation.

The heating system calculation compares the consumption, costs and CO2 emissions of the property’s current heating system with those of alternative heating systems. Moreover, it presents the repayment period for possible investments.

On the other hand, solar calculation includes an estimate of the size of a solar energy system that can be installed on the roof of the property, amount of energy produced, impact on emissions and costs of the investment.

The Heating Systems expansion for Raksystems’ TDD service was launched in September 2022. The service is provided for Raksystems by the Finnish Apex Heat Oy.

Now, we are offering the expansion for free with all new subscriptions of TDD made by 31 Dec 2022.

“This is our way of lending a hand to the entire construction and property sector which has in recent years been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, increase of construction material costs and now the energy crisis. The calculations provide a good basis for planning further measures”, Marttinen says.

The Technical Due Diligence service ensures the condition of the property

The purpose of Technical Due Diligence inspections is to ensure a property’s condition in connection with a sale transaction, and it supports the operation of many property investment companies. An inspection performed in connection with property transactions provides valuable and objective information on the condition of the property and its environment.

“TTD helps ensure the smooth sale of properties, with the people involved being aware of the possible risks and future repair costs at the time of purchasing the property. The inspection involves an examination of the building’s current condition by experts in structural engineering, HVAC and automation engineering as well as electrical engineering in order to determine the property’s current situation”, Marttinen explains.

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