Energy certificate


An energy performance certificate is required for properties when they are sold or rented, but it is also an important part of the energy survey to be enclosed with the construction permit application for a new building.

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Raksystems has experience in the preparation of energy performance certificates

Our extensive energy sector expertise and experience guarantee that we are able to offer you financially feasible improvement proposals.

  • We have prepared more than 10,000 energy performance certificates for sites of different sizes over the years.
  • In energy matters, you have up to 50 qualified energy assessors at your disposal.
  • An energy performance certificate is always prepared by a qualified assessor. The calculation takes into account regulations and guidelines of the Ministry of the Environment and local building regulations.

Property energy performance certificate in a nutshell

  • An energy performance certificate is required by law. In public buildings occupied by authorities, the certificate must also be on display.
  • The certificate is valid for ten years and must be renewed before the expiration date of the previous certificate.
  • The energy performance certificate enables the comparison of properties based on energy consumption and provides action proposals to improve energy efficiency.

“An energy renovation pays off! According to our studies, an energy renovation can provide annual cost savings of up to 50%.”

Antti Hatsala, Leading Energy Specialist

An energy certificate provides an overview of the property’s energy efficiency

The energy performance certificate is based on comprehensive energy calculations that take into account the characteristics of the building’s structures and systems. It provides an overall view of the characteristics of the building structures and systems, as well as the volume of purchased energy during standard operation.

The work consists of the following steps:

  • Compiling the initial data required for the calculation
  • A site visit, assisted by a caretaker
  • Modelling of the site
  • Calculation of the current E figure
  • Reporting of the calculation results
  • Initial data used in the energy calculations

The final result consists of an energy performance certificate, an E figure for the buildings, an energy performance certificate rating and the distribution of energy consumption. Energy performance certificates are used to compare the energy performance of buildings based solely on the characteristics of the building, i.e. in a manner where the energy efficiency class is not affected by the consumption habits of the occupants.

Energy saving survey provides the best value

We recommend combining the energy performance certificate with an energy saving survey. The survey will assist you in identifying the available energy saving measures in the property, including the costs arising from the measures, the payback periods and the savings potential. The service can be customised based on your wishes.

In addition to the energy performance certificate, the energy saving survey may include, for example:

  • A heat production and renewable energy profitability survey
  • A carbon footprint calculation
  • Air leakage measuring
  • During cold weather, the measuring of U-values and a small-scale thermal camera survey

Content of the energy certificate

The energy performance certificate service includes a site visit. The calculations will be prepared after the site visit, and the energy performance certificate will be delivered to you in the agreed manner. The energy performance certificate calculations are based mostly on decrees, regulations and floor area data obtained during the site visit or submitted construction drawings and HVAC/electricity/automation plans.

  • You will receive a service description for the energy performance certificate, preparation instructions for the site visit and an interview form.
  • The site visit will take approximately 1–8 hours, depending on the size of the site.
  • Before the site visit, the expert will interview you to determine the site’s initial data.
  • The site calculations will be performed after the site visit. The calculations take into account the regulations and guidelines of the Ministry of the Environment and the local building regulations.
  • The energy performance certificate will be delivered to you in accordance with an agreed schedule.
  • The price of the energy performance certificate includes one visit to the site, and the site will be surveyed to the extent possible during that visit.

Energy performance certificate reporting

The energy performance certificate includes the following, for example:

  • Basic data of the building: name, address, real estate register ID, year of completion and intended use
  • Energy efficiency comparison figure (E figure) and the energy efficiency class on a scale of A to H using the grading scale for new buildings
  • Calculation bases, such as information on the building structures, their characteristics and heating methods
  • Actual energy consumption figures (if available)
  • Volume of purchased energy using an energy form factor
  • Contact details and qualifications of the assessor who prepared the certificate, certificate date and validity period
  • Proposed actions and their calculated impact on the E figure

Other issues to be considered

  • You must ensure that you have the necessary authority to place the order and that the site can be inspected. If the site is a housing company, you must obtain a permission to have the site surveyed, and possibly also inform the housing company of the site visit. Furthermore, in the case of a semi-detached house, permission for the survey must be obtained from the owners of both apartments.
  • We will trust that the initial data you provide is correct and will not separately verify it.
  • The purchased energy figures in a calculated energy performance certificate may be significantly different from the building’s actual consumption levels due to the consumption habits of the occupants and the energy factors used in the calculations. The purpose of the energy performance certificate legislation is to make all energy performance certificates comparable by ensuring that the calculations for all certificates are performed in the same manner.
  • The recommended actions are based on Raksystems’ own databases and experience of the person who prepares the certificate of similar renovations or actions. The costs of the repairs or renovations may experience significant changes when offers are requested from a variety of parties with an invitation to tender prepared by competent structural, HVAC and electrical engineering experts.

Recommended additional services

    • Energy saving survey
    • Energy survey for large enterprises
    • Motiva energy survey or small-scale energy survey
    • U-value measuring
    • Carbon footprint calculation
    • Environmental certification
    • Condition evaluation

The other services can provide important additional information to support the energy performance certificate. We warmly recommend combining these services.

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Our customer service is available at our nationwide customer service number on weekdays from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm.