Sidosryhmien näkemykset Raksystemsin vastuullisuustyön tueksi

Stakeholders’ views to support Raksystems’ sustainability efforts

In December 2022, a survey was sent to the stakeholders of Raksystems Group to find out their views and expectations regarding Raksystems’ sustainability efforts. The survey was sent to employees, owners, Board members, partners, subcontractors and B2B customers.

Sustainability is seen as important for continued cooperation

The response rate in Finland was just over 7%, while in Sweden up to 31% of recipients answered the survey. The survey consisted of three main sections: the general perception of the company’s sustainability and communications; sustainability focus areas; and feedback on how to improve the work on sustainability. The questionnaire aimed at achieving an idea of the importance of different stakeholder aspects related to sustainability and how well the respondents felt Raksystems had invested in them.

In general, the Finnish stakeholders had a good overall view of Raksystems’ sustainability, and they felt that sustainability was important. The overall score given for sustainability was 74/100, while the importance of sustainability and responsible behaviour to foster cooperation were rated at 80/100. Sustainability and investments to achieve it were therefore seen as important for the continuation of the cooperation.

Customers’ needs and wishes are particularly well heard

The replies of all the respondent groups conveyed a strong feeling that the customers’ needs and wishes are particularly well understood and extensively taken into account. The B2B customers, partners and subcontractors also felt that the services were constantly being developed, which was seen as crucial in terms of sustainability. The same respondent groups also found occupational safety and a reduction of the customer carbon footprint as important and hoped that these aspects would be further improved in the future.

The employees, owners and Board members felt that we had been particularly successful in improving the wellbeing of properties and thus also their users, and this area was also seen as crucial in terms of the future. The owners and Board members also considered the training and development of employees successful.

 However, we noticed some room for improvement in communication on sustainability. The respondents, especially Raksystems’ own employees, felt that communication about sustainability was very important, and expected more extensive communication through the website, newsletters and social media, for example. The company’s own website was seen as a particularly effective communications channel on sustainability.

Finnish employees also wanted more effort to be put into improving equality at the workplace. The owners and Board members, on the other hand, felt that there was room for improvement in reducing the carbon footprint of customers and encouraging people to act in an environmentally friendly manner. Overall, the situation in terms of sustainability was perceived to be better in Finland than in Sweden.

Results support sustainability reporting and future development work

Based on the results of the stakeholder survey, we will take a closer look at the impact of Raksystems and our different services by the end this year. This will assist us in identifying concrete indicators and targets for future development.

We will publish our first Group-level sustainability report this spring. Thanks to the help and input of our stakeholders, we have gained important insights into where we are now so that we can do even better in the future

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