Condition Evaluation for a terraced house built in the 1980s

The condition of Asunto Oy Torpankallio at Söderkulla in Sipoo, Finland was evaluated in April 2019. The Condition Evaluation for the terraced house dating back to 1981 and consisting of eight apartments covered the condition of structural engineering, HVAC engineering and electrical engineering systems. 

The housing company had last been inspected twelve years ago. The housing company’s Board of Directors wanted to determine the property’s current condition and any renovation needs. The housing company had been planning to repair its weeping drains already before placing the Condition Evaluation order; the report also recommended an underdrainage system renovation.

A survey was sent to all the residents before the site visit to obtain initial data for the evaluation. 

Condition Evaluation assists in planning renovations

A Condition Evaluation provides detailed information on the current condition of the property and the structural solutions used. From the perspective of the property manager, the information makes it is easier to plan future renovations.

Savings and a tool for the Board

Antti Harju, the property manager of the Torpankatu housing company, considers a Condition Evaluation an important part of property maintenance. In the best case, it will save money and prevent any major damage.

 “For the residents, the most major benefit is that the people in charge have detailed information on the condition of the housing company and recommendations on when to implement renovations. A Condition Evaluation prevents you from investing in unnecessary renovations and allows you to prepare for the prevention of major damage,” says property manager Antti Harju from Realia. 

The housing company’s Board can use the Condition Evaluation and the long-term repair and maintenance plan proposal as their tools when they prepare for future renovations. They can make more systematic investment decisions and anticipate future renovation needs.

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