Geolo has also expanded to Sweden.

Resona and Raksystems start co-operation to cut down CO2 emissions with the Geolo solution during construction

Resona and Raksystems Climate Solutions have signed an agreement to use Geolo solution in Barkarbystaden housing project. Geolo uses geo-energy with a new innovative and awarded technical solution in order to radically reduce CO2 emissions, energy consumption and costs during the construction period. Geolo also generates steady production conditions throughout the year and improves the quality of construction.

Geolo uses geo-energy to significantly reduce the CO2 emissions of a construction project

Geolo solution will be installed on site in the beginning of November. Geolo is a movable energy station, which uses carbon neutral geo-energy for the warming and cooling processes of construction. Optimized construction conditions throughout the year will open new possibilities for improved quality and production effectiveness.

”Energy crisis and climate change are hitting us heavily. We need to do everything that we can to create more energy efficient solutions to stop the global warming. Our Geolo solution will make the world a better place site by site. We are happy get Geolo started in Sweden together with Resona and Barkarbystaden project” tells Janne Vanhanen, CEO of Raksystems Climate Solutions Oy.

First Geolo project in Sweden

Barkarbystaden is comprised of a total of five houses. Three residential buildings Helio, Livia and Luna include 397 modern apartments. A variety of restaurants, cafes, and shops locate on the street level of the buildings. Geolo will be installed and commissioned in November.

“Co-operation with Resona and Barkarbystaden project has been great. We share the same ideology of sustainability and bringing new innovations to the market. We are proud to start the first Geolo project in Sweden with Resona” tells Jan Havik, CEO of Raksystems Green Building Services -division.

“We are convinced that it is possible to build fantastic homes with significantly lower climate impact than has been done before. Climate impact is therefore an integral part of our decision-making. We need new innovations to support our goals and to have the Geolo solution at our site is a great example of that” says David Giertz, founder of Resona Utveckling AB.

More information:

Alexander Lundqvist, Resona Entreprenad, tel: +4670 – 72933 27

Johanna Nordström, Sustainability manager Resona Utveckling AB tel: +4670 – 2973711

Jan Havik, CEO of Raksystems Green Building Services -division phone +46 70 869 70 23

Janne Vanhanen, Raksystems Climate Solutions Oy, phone +358 41 731 4495

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