Raksystems Group becomes Finland’s largest radon industry company


Suomen radonhallinta Oy is Finland’s leading radon industry company. The company has been part of Raksystems since 2020.

Radon industry expertise since 2013

We offer our unique radon industry expertise to customers in the whole of Finland. Only by focusing on the radon industry can we ensure that we have at our disposal the best and most up-to-date know-how, measuring methods and repair methods in the industry. We cooperate with the authorities in Finland and regularly maintain our expertise through training.

Suomen radonhallinta Oy has a very extensive customer base consisting of housing companies and corporate customers, as well as public and private property owners. The company annually produces radon services for thousands of sites and performs around 20,000 individual radon measurements per year.

Our services

The professionals we employ have educated themselves and acquired the latest know-how in the industry, and are familiar with methods for radon solutions. Years of operating in the fields of geology, construction and radiation measuring provide the foundation for our strong expertise.

Our expert services:

  • Action plans
  • Assistance in communication
  • Expert lectures
  • Special measurements
  • Radon prevention systems
  • Radon repairs
  • Supervisory work throughout Finland