Hyvinvoiva kiinteistö

Our key duty is to assist property owners in taking care of their buildings.

Preventive care of buildings is crucial. The earlier in the lifecycle of a property we are allowed to be involved in a project, the better the final outcome will be.

Wellbeing for properties since 1989

As a leading group of property wellbeing experts operating in Finland and Sweden, we specialise in property evaluations, inspections and certifications. We have performed more than 150,000 building inspections and surveys, had the honor of supervising thousands of renovation projects and have also been involved in more than 20,000 housing transactions and condition surveys since Raksystems was established across Nordic countries.

We divide our business into three divisions; Green Building Services, Inspections & Surveys and Project Services. Our Green Building Services promote green construction and are strongly involved in guiding customers towards sustainability. In Inspections & Surveys, we support preventive property maintenance both B2B and B2C customers. Last but not least, our Project Services ensure construction quality without compromising in new building and renovations projects.

Increasing knowledge on sustainable properties

As an expert company, we want to share information and increase the knowledge on sustainable properties. In 2022, total of 49 trainings were organized in Finland and 47 in Sweden. We actively communicate our activities and current affairs through social media, direct mail, press releases as well as take part in customer events.

Positive Impact to property wellbeing

Our key duty is to assist property owners in taking care of their buildings. Our goal is to ensure people feel well in the buildings in which we have provided our expert services. Our services create a positive impact on property wellbeing and our target is to broaden the measurement of our positive impact on property wellbeing in the coming years.

In 2022 Raksystems made 136 (Finland) and 37 (Sweden) Green Building Certifications (number) and 2,200 (Finland) & 335 (Sweden) B2B inspections contributing to property wellbeing (number).

We have a major positive impact to property
wellbeing through our services

We have a positive impact on property wellbeing through our services. To ensure the continuous development and improvement of our services, we foster good communication and engagement with our stakeholders. We also aim to increase our customers’ knowledge on sustainable properties.

Net Promoter Score (NPS) – customer satisfaction during last 30 days

Property Wellbeing – 2022 KPIs

71 NPS
customer satisfaction

96 days
customer training

173 pc
Green Building Certifications made for customers

5,535 pc
inspections contributing property wellbeing