A sustainable expert organisation for buildings and people.

Sustainability is reflected in the everyday life of our company and in our plans for the future.

We at Raksystems design for our customers sustainable buildings optimised for living and working. We specialise in building surveys, inspections and green construction. Our supervisors and project managers assist our customers in successfully completing their construction or renovation projects. We also ensure safe and healthy living and buying of a new home through our consumer services. Our duty is to assist property owners in taking care of their buildings from start to finish. There is a great deal of work to be done, as the maintenance backlog resulting from the Finnish building stock is constantly increasing due to poor property management.

Healthy properties

Environmental measures targeted at the built environment have a significant impact on the mitigation of accelerating climate change. This work must be done with vigour, because the current built environment generates some 30% of Finnish CO2 emissions, being the biggest contributor to climate change. Raksystems is involved in the process from the design stage of the buildings to the operational stage, and our expertise can influence sustainability of the built environment.

Through rational urban planning, high-quality architectural, structural, HVAC and electrical engineering, as well as different types of simulations and environmental certifications at the design phase, we can maximise the benefits of our design for the sake of both the property and the environment. At the construction stage, our experts’ ability to manage the project schedule, budget, correct implementation methods and the generation of moisture and dust contribute to responsible construction.

Good indoor environment consists of many factors

Indoor spaces play a key role in the wellbeing of building users. The indoor environment is affected by, for example, indoor air, aesthetics, lighting, the acoustic environment and appropriate temperature for the intended use of the premises. We can indirectly influence all of these factors by simulating the future indoor conditions of a building at the design stage and by studying the ventilation of the building and the condition of the structures at the operational stage. Our experts can offer advice to the owner on responsible and environmentally friendly structural, equipment and material choices that will contribute to lower environmental impact throughout the lifecycle of the building. 

Healthy buildings are linked to wellbeing of people and environment

Ensuring that buildings are healthy is important to us, as we have determined this as one of our core duties. A healthy property is designed to last, to function well in its intended purpose, to be modifiable and to create a comfortable, safe and healthy environment for the users.

It is difficult to determine what a healthy building means without knowing its users and surroundings, because a healthy building promotes the wellbeing and economic stability of its users, residents and owners. It also benefits the environment: we actively promote sustainable choices and values. Our services reduce the environmental impact of buildings and encourage our customers to make better choices. That is why the wellbeing of people and the environment are also two of our core duties in our operations.

Wellbeing of people

Our values reflect the ideals that we all strive to make reality in our daily lives. This applies to our operations both in terms of our customers and in terms of each other. We will continue to be successful if we continue to fulfil our common core mission, sticking to the agreed values and aiming for the best in the Nordic countries, every day!

Coworkers’ wellbeing

Mutual respect and appreciation are the cornerstones of our work. To succeed, we help each other and cooperate. Our common duty is to retain a proper balance between work and leisure to ensure our own wellbeing.


We are highly motivated, passionate and energetic in our work. We are committed to our work and are efficient, but we retain a good atmosphere at work.

Best service

We want to provide the best service for our customers without compromising quality or objectivity. A satisfied customer motivates us to do our best and to ensure that our expertise is up to date.

Wellbeing of our employees is close to our heart

We care for each other. It is no coincidence that one of our values is healthy employees: the work we do is expert work. It is particularly important to us that our employees feel well while working, find the working environment safe and equal, and, as a result, are able to optimally serve our customers.

We improve the motivation and job satisfaction of our employees by, for example, allowing them to organise their working hours in a way that suits their personal circumstances, and by encouraging them to maintain and develop their own professional competence. We have invested in the health and working capacity of our employees by taking out a working capacity insurance policy, because when employees are feeling well, they have more energy to care for our customers so that the customers will also feel well. We bear our social responsibility for the stakeholders around us and for their wellbeing.

We respect the people around us and create a safe and positive atmosphere. In our operations, we follow ethical principles, currently valid regulations and the Raksystems values, considering customer satisfaction and the environmental impact of our operations. At Raksystems, we work to achieve equal pay and an equal and safe working environment, both for our employees and for our customers. We support diversity and a positive work environment, and we do not condone any form of discrimination, unethical behaviour, harassment or inappropriate treatment. The wellbeing of our employees is close to our heart.

We adhere to good governance

In our operations, we comply with all currently valid laws and our articles of association, and we consider the expectations of our owners when making decisions. Management and supervision duties are divided between the shareholders, the Board of Directors and executive management.

The shareholders exercise their decision-making powers at the annual general meeting.

The Board of Directors is responsible for strategic management and ensures proper organisation and administration of our operations. The Board also cherishes the values to be followed in our operations and approves our strategic goals.

The Managing Director is responsible for our operations and handles routine administration in accordance with instructions and orders from the Board. The executive team assists the Managing Director in the preparation and making of decisions and, together with the Managing Director, ensures the success of our values and daily work, as well as the satisfaction of our customers.

The goal with internal control and risk management is to ensure that our operations are efficient and effective, information is reliable and all regulations and policies are complied with in our operations. Through risk management, we aim to ensure that the risks associated with our business are identified, assessed and monitored.

As a body set up by our shareholders, the audit function plays an important role in our operations. Through audits, our shareholders receive independent opinions on our financial statements, annual report, accounts and administration.

Objective expert work

Objectivity and reliability are the cornerstones of our operations.  We are incorruptible and do not condone any form of corruption.

We want to provide our customers with high quality services by investing in both internal and external quality assurance. We monitor and measure the quality of our operations and commit ourselves to continuous improvement of our operations. We create the necessary prerequisites and involve all of our employees and partners in the improvement of our performance throughout the value chain from suppliers to customers. We actively identify and monitor requirements pertaining to our services, such as legislation, location-specific government guidelines, service-specific guidelines (such as KH cards) and stakeholder requirements. Through quality assurance measures, we ensure the compliance of our services and actively develop the services. Our operations are also guided by an ISO 9001 quality system certified by Eurofins Expert Services Oy and an ISO 14001 environmental management system..

We accept our financial responsibility

We require from our business financial profitability and stability, which create the prerequisites needed for persistent work to benefit our customers, employees and owners. Ensuring that assets are fairly distributed between owners and stakeholders is part of the financial responsibility.  Our growth strategy supports the boosting of jobs in Finland, which also makes us part of the creation of social wellbeing.

When we are financially strong, we are better placed to take care of our social and environmental responsibility and the obligations they entail. Our activities and services contribute to the development of regional vitality in Finland and increase expertise in society.

Our financial responsibility can be seen in us paying dividends to our owners and fair and equal pay to our employees, as well as us paying our taxes to society. By paying taxes in Finland, we support society and the maintenance of its services. We can increase our financial stability and better assess the development of our profitability if we take moderate risks and our risk management is at a good level.

Healthy environment

According to an environmental impact analysis, the impact of our operations on the environment consists of two parts: us influencing the quality and energy efficiency of the buildings owned or managed by our customers and enabling healthy and safe living and working in these buildings, as well as the environmental impact from our own operations.

The best way for us to influence the environment is through our services. That is why the goal in our expert work is always a solution that will reduce the environmental load. Furthermore, Raksystems’ experts specialise in reducing the environmental impact from our customers’ properties, improving indoor conditions and investing in energy efficiency. 

We offer green building services and services that influence the energy efficiency of buildings, promote green development and assume our responsibility to meet the national environmental targets set by the Finnish government.

We also look at the environmental impact from our own operations and actively strive to reduce it. In our operations, we take into account the environmental impact from our facilities and the mobility and equipment of our employees, for example, and encourage our employees to make better choices.

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